At The Doctor 2: Electric Boogaloo

Well, folks, the last time we talked I told you I’d wound up in the emergency room dealing with some unknown ailment that seemed like gallbladder issues but was deemed not to be that. Heh. Guess what? A week and a half later, when I needed to be working, I found myself once again in…
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Take Two And Sneak Home In The Morning

  Man, am I tired. With the past week and it’s foolishness in the rearview and a birthday drawing closer on the horizon I am beginning to feel my age — or maybe someone else’s age. Either way, I am one tired pup. I spent the better part of last week under the weather. Leave…
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Powerball Dreamin’

I never play the lottery. On rare occasions I have purchased scratch-off tickets, but for the life of me I can’t even remember when I last bought one. This time, however, I’m going to join the frenzy and pick up a ticket for tonight’s drawing. I have planned how I’d spend at least a portion…
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The Blahs Of Christmas

I’ll just throw it out there. I really don’t like Christmas. Chalk it up to having depression or whatever you like, but I’d rather be prancing around in an amazing costume collecting candy than sitting around on Christmas Day. Perhaps it is the family gathering aspect that gets me. Growing up, my dad and I…
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The Blog About something

 Well, it is that time again to come up with a blog topic, and while there are a zillion different options that have swum around in the murky waters of my brain for the past week or so, when the time finally comes to sit down and hammer it out, I’ve got nothing.  That’s not…
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