She’s Baaaack

Have you missed me yet? I have been running around like a madwoman since my switch over to our advertising department. So far the transition has been a great one. I was very nervous at the beginning as many are when starting something new, but in a few weeks I’ve settled in and feel like one of the gang.
It’s been a real eye opener as to how much that department is responsible for and all of the things we offer beyond the news page. It has been a real learning curve for sure. Someday it will all sink in.
I do miss my crew in the newsroom, but, I still get to see them and am pulling double duty this week laying out the paper on top of my ad duties. So, please, if I make a mistake, be gentle with me.
As you probably read in the Farm Bleat earlier this week, I spent last weekend pitching poo with self-proclaimed “Goat Girl” Julie Buntjer. Like she said, I was a bit hesitant when she first made the suggestion, but, I couldn’t resist that glimmer in her eye that made me think of a small child waiting for Christmas morning. And, we had a blast. We spent the latter part of the afternoon fishing. Again, I came up short and Julie had two points. It was not nearly as epic as our fishing adventure last summer but it was a nice way to end our day.
This weekend is the Regatta. It’ll be my second year at the Daily Globe tent. I think it will be fun and I have been craving the kettle corn for weeks now! What is it about “fair food” that just hits the spot? Last week in Luverne I had to have cheese curds and BBQ nachos. There is just something about it that hits the spot. I think if I can get my fruity kettle corn and maybe a funnel cake I can be satiated until county fairs get underway. We’ll see. BBQ sounds pretty good too though. And you can’t not get something on a stick — right? The struggle is real folks.

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