Powerball Dreamin’

I never play the lottery. On rare occasions I have purchased scratch-off tickets, but for the life of me I can’t even remember when I last bought one. This time, however, I’m going to join the frenzy and pick up a ticket for tonight’s drawing.
I have planned how I’d spend at least a portion of my winnings. Dear readers, as much as I love you all, I can assure you that should I hit the big one, you will not likely read my blogs again. I would immediately retire, as much as I love my job.
I’d finally get to Harry Potter world in Florida and would tour the lush landscape of New Zealand where Hobbits once roamed. I’d finally get a ticket to San Diego Comic-Con and would be decked out in the finest custom cosplay I could find. I’d probably go to DragonCon in Atlanta, too. Who am I kidding? If it is geeky and involves a costume, I’d probably go.
Hubby and I would travel the world. His dream of visiting Japan would be a reality. We’d tour ancient ruins in Greece, watch a sunset in Italy, walk through the Rainforest, relax on a beach somewhere warm. I’d probably go on several cruises and see just what the world has to offer and the wonders it holds.
My immediate family and friends would likely be ready to retire as well, or at the very least upgrade to larger homes or whatever their hearts desired.
One friend I can assure will have his farm improved with better barns and outbuildings to accommodate better equipment and more animals — something I know he’d love to be able to do were money no object. Maybe I’ll even hire a farmhand or two to help out around the place and keep all of the critters fed and the garden tilled so he can sit back with a glass of tea and enjoy the peace and quiet.
For another, she’d have her own health insurance and wouldn’t be dependent on the availability (or lack thereof) of the VA. Not to mention I’d get her a house and a car so she would have more room and freedom wherever she chose to live. And yes, before she asks, I’ll work on getting a meet and greet with Rob Zombie. You’re welcome.
My brother and future sister-in-law would have the wedding of a lifetime. No more 12-hour-plus work days, and the kids would be set for whatever school they chose to attend. My niece and nephew would receive the best medical care for their skin issues that money could buy. Then I’d get them the homestead they want to retire to. And I’ll add one of those in for my cousin Michael, too. While I’m thinking about, I might have to get one of those somewhere quiet for me too. I’ll add it to my list.
Oh, the toys I could buy for myself. A game room to end all game rooms, a large pool and hot tub. A canning kitchen and the craft room of my dreams. You know, on second thought, why don’t I just buy the Playboy Mansion? It just went on the market, and I am patient enough to wait for Hef to be finished with it before moving in. Then I’d have the pool, the gardens, a zoo, a game room and a giant house to enjoy in the warm California sun.
Cars. I’d have to buy a few. I’d start with the Mustang I’ve sworn I’ll get someday when I hit my midlife crisis, and I’d have to have the Impala from Supernatural. I’d also have to have something comfortable for road trips.
I would give a good portion of my good fortune to charity. I think giving back is important. I never seem to have the money to donate but for years I’ve donated my time to many different organizations. With a big win, I could finally do both. I’d finally have the time to give to as many things as I wanted and the financial means to back it up.
Yep, I think life would be pretty sweet should I win big tonight. I guess you’ll know Thursday if my dreams came true if you don’t see my name attached to a story. But, if you do see my name, try not to rub it in that I didn’t win — chances are you didn’t, either.

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