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 Well, it is that time again to come up with a blog topic, and while there are a zillion different options that have swum around in the murky waters of my brain for the past week or so, when the time finally comes to sit down and hammer it out, I’ve got nothing.

 That’s not entirely true. I’ve got lots of little somethings, but not necessarily enough to make an entire piece about any one of them — or the opposite, a blog wouldn’t necessarily be long enough to get into the full crux of the situation, and I’d be doing it a grave injustice by dabbling in the subject when I really need to put both feet in the water.

 So, here goes, in no particular order…

 My Granny Aggie got out of the hospital after two heart attacks — one just before Thanksgiving, one just after — and in spite of a failing kidney. She’s only had one for 56 years now. I am happy that she is doing well, and I’ll celebrate this small victory.

 To Mr. Dodge Man, who decided to cut me off Friday night: I almost dedicated an entire blog to you, discussing how absolutely silly and unsafe it was for you to cut me off on the way to Cenex when you realized you were in the wrong lane. This is how accidents happen. Seeing as I arrived at my destination mere seconds behind you, it didn’t seem worth it. Nice car, by the way.

 My brother might finally brave the Iowa cold for a visit. For someone who resembles a mountain man or a long-lost Duck Dynasty cousin for the majority of the year, I can’t understand his fear of snow. You won’t melt, I promise. Now, you better get here for Christmas.

 My friend’s farm received a new arrival right before I started writing. New piglets! I’ve been able to see the adorable baby goats, and I am now excited to see itty bitty baby piggies. Not that the baby pig in a diaper the Sibley-Ocheyedan FFA was carrying around town wasn’t adorable enough, but… These guys are super itty bitty.

 The number of mass shootings in this country is out of control. My gosh. A report from the Washington Post referenced a subReddit that is dedicated to reporting them. I had no idea how many there have been this year, and the thought is gut wrenching.

 Black Friday. Wow. I watched videos of the chaos online until I finally had to just quit and walk away from the screen. Watching a grown woman take an item from a small child just had me enraged.

 It’s almost time for Celebrations Around the World. I can’t wait to go again this year and sample all of the goodies from other countries. Last year was the first time I attended, and I had an absolute blast — especially learning about Krampus.

 Well, I can’t say this blog was my best. I am sure it is likely my worst. But, hey, at least it was something.

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